Ones to Watch 2023: 8 Most Exciting London Fashion Week Designers

by Karly Rayner

London Fashion Week has bucked the trend of understated quiet luxury and treated us to some truly innovative and bizarre catwalks — and we are only halfway through!

While SS24 has certainly brought the drama this year, there is a rich array of more wearable wardrobe inspiration to be excited by. From avant-garde aesthetics to more ethos driven sustainable collections, meet the new guard of designers cheerleading inventive, thoughtful design. 

Eirinn Hayhow

A self-taught sustainable fashion designer with more than a dash of sunshine and whimsy, Eirinn Hayhow brings a breezy boho lightness to London fashion week with her collection “Into the Mystic.”

Hayhow aims to reconnect wearers with the earth by draping them in a witchy concoction of fabrics dyed with foraged barks, flowers and herbs to give an “otherworldly healing experience.”

It makes a refreshing change from the endless parade of trainers and streetwear, so I’m here for it. 


Norwegian favourites Holzweiler are breaking into their first London fashion week this year after taking Scandinavia by storm.

Blending functionality with seamless, sleek designs which are both familiar and surprising in their forms, Holzweiler has all the makings of a modern, wearable classic.

Keep your eye on the stunning textural quality of their work for a whisper of SS24 inspiration for your own wardrobe. 

Masha Popova 

Ukrainian born Masha Popova is serving early ‘00s Tammy Girl denim chic with structural,high fashion elevation.

Inspired by the world monster truck show, Popova’s London Fashion week offering, Monster revs denim out of the realm of the casual and into the fantastical. 

Daniel Lee - Burberry 

After becoming creative director of the historic brand in 2022, all eyes are on Daniel Lee’s second collection. 

Promising a classic yet fresh approach, Lee is honing on elements of the brands heritage to create some truly unexpected pieces so the SS24 show on Monday 18th September is the one to watch. 



Best known for that Sam Smith image that launched a thousand memes, Harri’s sculptural, inflatable couture had to have a mention. 

Proving he’s more than just a one trick pony with an innovative cat walk incorporating dance and highlighting the surprising grace of the garments, Harri’s SS24 London Fashion Week appearance was a smash hit.

Abigail Ajobi

Abigail Ajobi studied menswear at London College of Fashion and brings a sentimental, personal touch to her innovative and cultural stylings. 

Her last collections celebrated the love of her parents with nods to vintage styling and vivid signature prints scattered throughout. The SS24 collection is an ode to Nollywood and Nigerian youth culture and aims to highlight issues and contribute to social awareness.  

Chet Lo

Bringing those weird spiky, stretchy tops from the market to a high fashion crescendo, Chet Lo’s instantly recognisable designs push the boundaries of knitwear. 

There's a high chance that texture might just be the new pattern in SS24, and Lo’s work shows how seductive this can be. 

Johanna Parv 

With a background as design assistant and Balenciaga and Christian Dior, Parv’s own brand specialises in creating functional women's wear, engineered to protect women in urban environments. 

This tailored, sporty, achingly cool collection is futuristic and classic all at the same time and offers a whole new way to power dress. I love it.


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