Can’t Be Bothered with Home Office Ironing? We’ve Got You Covered

by Karly Rayner

A weird feeling of collective Déjà vu blankets the UK right now as many of us return to a work from home life which feels so last year. 

You may even feel like you’ve read this article before, and I’ve definitely written a couple of sister pieces which might look the same out of the corner of your eye at first glance, but this WFH (it even has a handy acronym now!) era has a different flavour. 

Now the novelty has worn off, we are less likely to see getting all dolled up in the kitchen as a bit of a laugh or to use the enchanted medium of dressing to summon our inner boss babe into the homes where our cosier, sofer selves live.

While we aren’t going to go as far as The Guardian to declare the slouchy dad style of Adam Sandler as a new home office aspiration, this time round it’s all about comfort, ease and practicality. 

Since the last era of homeworking, I’ve learned that absolutely nobody can be arsed to iron a shirt when they have nowhere to go, unless perhaps they have a Zoom engagement with the queen. Ease and comfort are where it’s at, but you can also look so fabulous while doing it that nobody need know these are your main prerogatives. 

Bearing that in mind, below are a few Shirt Company offerings which I think make great work from home staples thanks to their creaseless charm and snugness.


Agnes Sapphire Midi Shirt Dress

Shop here, £129.99


Some might say it’s a little extra to wear a dress when you’re working from home, but to those people I say,  “it takes 2 seconds to yank a frock over your head at 8.59am.”

The Agnes sapphire dress looks regal, but is really an easygoing gal. No matching, no coordinating and very minimal ironing required. 

Experience the transformative power of fashion everyone was banging on about in home office phase one (I’m guilty too, I hold my hands up!) with low effort and high reward. Win!


Chrissy Embroidered Easy Fit Shirt 

Shop here, £109.95


Do you feel like a ringmaster trying to wrangle your children, pets, housemates, partners and general life into order while also hammering away at an Excel spreadsheet? Chrissy is the shirt for you!

All jokes aside, this applique embroidered shirt is easy fit, made of really cosy corduroy and exudes a fun kind of circus chic which fits in with the absurdity of life right now. 

If you hang this stunner on a hanger to dry, you wont need to iron it, unless you have a very exacting boss (say, Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wear Prada) with a very high definition webcam. 


Sirikit Smocked Boho Blouse 

Shop here, £99.95


Oozing boho nonchalance, but still perfectly office appropriate, the Sirikit blouse is a pretty little number which is easy to wear and requires absolutely zero ironing. 

If, like me, your skin tone is politely described as ‘ivory’ by cosmetics companies and ‘pasty’ by  meaner family members, the beige colour is really flattering with no makeup. Harrowing Zoom ‘self view’ experiences have taught me that black can make the paler among us look like a propped up cadaver. You’re welcome. 


Maggie Muslin Cottom Boho Blouse 

Shop here, £89.95


Hoist Maggie up a flagpole and make her the work from home emblem for the whole nation!

I honestly cannot dream up a better shirt for home office life. Floaty, relaxed and roomy Maggie really lends herself to wafting around the living room pondering just how one woman can produce so many empty tea cups. 

The rustic crinkled structure means a morning crumpled up on the couch cushions won’t make a blind bit of difference to your Zoomability. Work smarter, not harder. 

Fleur Drapey Floral Boho Blouse 

Shop here, £89.95


In a supremely meta move, I am actually wearing the Fleur shirt right now as I work from home. I’m currently sprawled out on the sofa with a small dog flopped over my right leg and I can report that I am as comfortable as I would be in my pyjamas. 

Fleur is made of 100% Modal fabric which is breathable and made of naturally derived fibres. I’d never heard of Modal before, but I like to imagine it being spun from ethically harvested puppy breath, because that’s what it feels like. 

The floral print is perfect to bring a bit of life to the winter months without oozing the special kind of sad desperation for summer that more vibrant florals can channel. 

It goes without saying at this stage of the article that no ironing is required. Hurrah!


Aubrey Floral Print Belted Blouse 

Shop here, on sale at £30.00


Speaking of winter appropriate florals, the Aubrey shirt’s subdued colour palette also lends itself to subtly brightening up the home office life. 

The tie waist and beautiful draping feel unstructured enough to be a postmodern comment on working from home vibes, but you’ll look amply professional to be summoned on Zoom at a moment’s notice. 

Oh, and you don’t need to iron it. 


Cherie Lace Front Jersey Shirt 

Shop here, £99.95


I’m going to let you into a little trade secret here. I went for a delightful brunch with The Shirt Company founder, Donna, who let me know the Cherie was her favourite shirt. Why? Because she often just can’t be doing with ironing. Take from that what you will. 



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