A Guide to Dopamine Dressing for Spring Wedding Season

by Karly Rayner

Ladies, get ready to RSVP "yes" with gusto because spring wedding season is upon us, and it's time to elevate our style game with a generous dose of dopamine dressing! Whether you're the maid of honour, a cherished guest, or the quirky aunt who's always the life of the party, there's no better excuse to unleash your inner fashionista and celebrate love in style.

So, what exactly is dopamine dressing, you ask? Well, think of it as dressing to impress not just others, but yourself too. It's about adorning yourself in colours, textures, and styles that make you feel like a million bucks and trigger those feel-good vibes.

Although the phrase dopamine dressing has undertones of frivolity and excess, it’s also easy to pull off by utilising chic wardrobe staples which you already adore. Below is a simple guide to more sustainable dopamine dressing for the Spring wedding company using popular Shirt Company pieces. Let the toasts begin! 

Country Wedding on the Prairie 

Callie Crepe Shirt Dress

Cascading cherry blossoms and verdant greenery mean Spring brings a veritable crop of country weddings and what better time to whip out the florals?

You can’t beat a ditzy daisy print paired with a champagne flute and some Spring sunshine. As an added bonus feature, our Cally Crepe dress also has a bonus dopamine boosting full skirt to swish around the dance floor. 

Cally looks simply fabulous with a big floppy hat and plain white sandals, and if the UK weather is less than clement, also pairs impeccably with a cream blazer.   

Serving Sex and the City 

Abigail Cotton Wrap Blouse 

Whenever I think of a chic city wedding, my mind hammers out the Sex and the City theme tune with aplomb. While you definitely don’t want to channel Samantha on the rampage, chic Carrie Bradshaw flirtiness is Spring Wedding perfection. 

Carrie is the epitome of feel-good dopamine dressing and our Abigail wrap blouse could have been whipped straight from her sizeable closet. 

Wear with a pair of floaty, wide legged trousers in coral and some bejewelled sandals (matching chandelier earrings if want to channel that 00s style, of course) or a long, sheaf skirt with a clutch bag. 

TipToe Through the Tulips 

Le Marais Midi Shirt Dress

In a sea of print and patterns as far as the eye can see, sometimes going for some bold colour-blocking can be the best way to stand out. 

Blending into the floral backdrop in the photographs won’t be an issue in our Le Marais shirt dress. Sky blue is one of the keynote colours of 2024 according to Vogue and it lends itself to some truly tropical dopamine dressing. 

Sunshine orange or spicy mustard accessories will really pop with Le Marais and it could even be a great moment to lean into the gloves trend and channel your inner eccentric. Slam on a brooch and a tousled updo for some stately home elegance that is also fun and individual. 

Red the Room

Christiane Cotton Sateen Shirt Dress

Some people might baulk at wearing red to a wedding, but if an etiquette expert says it’s fine then so do I. 

Bright red is arguably the colour of 2024 and it’s sure to be springing up at weddings this season, delivering some va va voom to a more opulent venue. With its classic silhouette and a lavish obi wrap belt, our Christiane shirt dress brings a ‘Roman Holiday’ vibe to a Spring wedding which is sophisticated and stand out. 

Sunshine Styling 

Carla Yellow and White Tunic Shirt 

Nothing screams dopamine dressing more than yellow and the Carla tunic shirt is a great day-to-day item to jazz up for a wedding, thanks to its stunning versatility. 

Slipping a high-waisted yellow a-line skirt on with this number instantly delivers a fun, playful look which perfectly suited to a beach or festival style wedding, especially if you roll up the sleeves or pop on a puff sleeved cropped blazer. I’m smiling just thinking about it.


Cover image credit: Flickr.com/naomi_pincher 


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