7 Movie Muses for Unbeatable Christmas Fashion Inspiration

by Karly Rayner

As the cold nights draw in, the allure of your favourite armchair and a cheesy Christmas movie is almost irresistible, especially when you throw a glass of mulled wine into the mix. 

While the twinkling lights and lighthearted storylines of festive films offer some much needed brain rest, looking to the silver screen for fashion inspiration offers a great way to tweak your winter wardrobe. 

Below are 7 movie muses to help you infuse your holiday wardrobe with a touch of cinematic magic.

1. The Holiday (2006) - Amanda 

Image credit: Columbia Pictures via British Vogue 


You’d be hard pressed to find a Christmassy rom-com more classic than Nancy Meyer’s The Holiday (2006), and this house-swap romp features some supremely wearable fashion. 


Strutting into rural England just a tad overdressed, Hollywood Editor Amanda’s (Cameron Diaz) bulging suitcases are stuffed with chic holiday inspiration. The white, black and buttery cream colour palette whispers quiet luxury and the snuggly cashmere and wool cries out for a wintery night by the fire quaffing red wine and nibbling cheese. 


Image Credit: Columbia Pictures via Repeller 

2. Happiest Season (2020) - Abby

Image credit: Hulu via Variety 


2020’s Happiest Season is a queer rom-com centred around committed lesbian couple Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis). Abby is set to meet Harper’s family for the first time over Christmas, but her plan to spring a surprise proposal on her beau is dashed when she discovers Harper hasn’t come out to her family, leaving Abby demoted to the dreaded rank of ‘gal pal.’


Being forcibly crammed back into the closet isn’t the best festive surprise for Abby, but she styles it out impeccably in an androgynous tailored wardrobe. Confident, uncomplicated and singularly cool, Abby provides smart, timeless fashion inspo for the holiday season. 

Image credit: Hulu via Pop Culture Maniacs 


3. Almost Christmas (2016) - Aunty May 

Image credit: The Times


Almost Christmas follows the eclectic Meyers clan as they embark on their first Christmas since the death of  their beloved mother. Squabbling siblings and eccentric relatives means there’s no chance of heavenly peace this Christmas, but looks are served alongside a chaotic Christmas dinner.


Outrageous Aunty May’s (Mo’Nique) flamboyant fashion steals the show and tears up the traditional colour palette with celebratory splashes of vivid purple, royal blue and scarlet.  


While May’s outfits might be more extra than the fairy atop the tree, the wearable silhouettes and practical notes (chef’s kiss to the knee high leather boots and coloured gloves) make her an example worth following.


4. Love Actually (2003) - Natalie

Image credit: Universal via My Bag


Love Actually needs no introduction and its quintessentially early ‘00s fashion is having a bit of a moment right now, making the 2003 smash hit perfect for seeking out a festive movie muse. 


While literally everyone has something to bring to the table in the fashion stakes (shoutout to Mia and her perfect sweater vest), Natalie (Martine McCutcheon) turns out some Christmas crackers which are both timeless and celebratory.  


Brb, going to buy myself a fluffy white beret to top every outfit with effortless festive flair. 

Image Credit: Universal via Digital Spy


5. Holiday Affair (1949) - Connie Ennis 

Image credit: Picasa via Blueray.com


Sometimes, you’ve just got to be schooled by the classics and Janet Leigh’s character, Connie Ennis, has plenty of style lessons to teach us in Holiday Affair. 


You can’t go wrong with impeccable coiffed, curled hair and a sleek black dress, especially with some carefully selected sparkly accessories. While I don’t endorse a fur coat, there’s just something about a little black dress and a comically large faux fur number which just hits right.


Oh, and Holiday Affair is also a genuinely fantastic festive movie which is mostly overlooked due to the fact it’s positively ancient, so if you want to look sophisticated in front of your friends at movie night, trot this one out instead of playing A Muppet Christmas Carol for the 7th year running.


Image Credit: Picasa via The Blonde at the Film

6. Home Alone (1990) - Kate McCallister

Image credit: We the Dreamers 


While the Wet Bandits might be unsung hipster style icons, the matriarch of the McCallister family is the one to watch when it comes to buttoned up ‘90s style. 


Kate McCallister’s effortlessly put together looks are perfect inspiration for easy office to Christmas party transitions. Just add a slick of red lippie and slip on some statement heels or sparkly pumps to elevate a white shirt and blazer combo.


7. Last Holiday (2006) - Georgia Byrd

Image credit: Paramount Pictures via Pittsburgh City Paper 


Last Holiday follows Queen Latifah as Georgia Byrd, a shy, practical sales clerk from New Orleans who heads to Europe to blow all her money on a final vacation — and finally indulge in some much-deserved revelry — after she receives a terminal diagnosis. 


As Georgie trades her practical ensembles for glamorous dresses which highlight her newfound confidence and zest for life, the festive inspiration rolls in with a red dress to die for at the zenith. Seeing Georgia live out her wildest fantasies and become a much bolder version of herself is the pure escapism we all crave over the holiday season. 

Image credit: Pinterest


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