Expert Cold Weather Fashion Tips to Look Hot While It’s Freezing

by Karly Rayner

Brrrr, it's that time of the year again when the temperature drops and, for many of us, so do the fashion stakes. 


As the mercury plummets, it’s all too easy to let your styling take a nosedive into a giant pile of fusty old jumpers and fleece-lined joggers, but it is possible to flip the script and become a veritable snow queen. 


Sometimes, it’s best to let the experts lead the way, so join me on a frost-kissed fashion adventure with influencers from chilly climes who have mastered the art of winter dressing. 


So, get ready to be the talk of the town, even if the town happens to be buried in snow. Winter, here we come, looking hot and slaying the cool.

Nnenne Echem 


Hailing from icy Oslo, Nnenne admits it’s hard to look stylish in sub-zero temperatures, but her failsafe winter outfit of “A blazer, wool turtleneck, jeans, boots...and a wool coat” is a winner we can all get behind. Sleek, timelessly stylish and endlessly customisable, this cold weather template is one for the inspo-bank. 


Nnenne is also a devotee of a base-layer and, as someone who has lived through multiple Berlin winters, this is the winter fashion tip you need in your life. Sure merino wool long johns and vests aren't exactly sexy, but they can really keep you toasty and allow you to wear less bulk. 


Nargis Rzazade 


Playing with proportion is an excellent trick to avoid the Michelin man effect and Brussels-based Nargis gives us a master class in how it's done. A statement oversized coat paired with chunky platform trainers will make whatever else you're wearing underneath look sleek and slimline. 


This look works perfectly with a statment high-neck shirt or polo-neck and some fitted trousers. 


Annie Tran Mescall 


Nailing the perfect winter capsule basics, will take the pain out of the day-to-day dilemma of "what's going to be warm enough?!"Annie proves a well-fitted and classic winter neutral doesn't need to be boring and choosing the right foundation provides a blank canvas to accessorise to your hearts content. 


Edaowo Fashion


As the time honoured wisdom of grandmas the world over dictates, most of our body heat is lost through the head, so let's hear it for the hat! Sure, most of us will have a beanie or a bobble hat, but elevating a look with a fedora or a trilby is an underused winter style flex. 


Too Fierce 


I never thought I would be saying a gilet is too fierce, but here we are. Both the '70s style body-warmer and the statement gilet have really made a come back this winter and I'm here for it. The layering potential is limitless and this versatile garment really gives your base layers the opportunity to shine. 


Jeanette Madsen 


Expert-level layering enthusiast, Jeanette from Copenhagen has some smart tips for enhancing defrumpifying the cold-weather silhouette, she told Who What Wear:


"Go wide on your upper body but keep the rest slim. I love a tonal look—it gives a beautiful, well thought through and casual vibe and is an easy way to layer if you're not up for a colour-blocking or a mix of print. Let your cashmere socks peep over the top of your hiking boots and over your skinny jeans or tracksuit trousers."


Popping a silk shirt into your layering ensemble works incredibly well as it's super thing and an excellent insulator.


Crystin Bryant 


Building a casual winter look which isn't just the same old tired jumper and jeans combo is one of the things I find most challenging, but Canada-based Christin has a great low-key look for trotting to the gym or to get supplies. Fleece-lined leggings are a game-changer and they look super sleek with a boyfriend shirt and a favourite pair of trainers. 


Renia Jaz 


There seems to be an unwritten rule that winter in the season where fun goes to die, and while it's true that January isn't the most riotous month of the year, there's no reason to let it win! Embracing colour and print is a surefire way to brighten up the grey days. Contrary to popular belief a statement coat (like this stunning red number) goes with almost anything and colour blocking is a great way to plan a winter outfit. 

Rebecca Ramsdale 


Some days just call for being bundled up like a big sleeping bag burrito on legs and here's your permission to do just that from the super-hip Rebecca from Toronto. Wearing huge technical fabric coats is no longer a faux-pas and they really do allow you to wear whatever you want underneath, so when you strip down inside you can pull off some great grand reveals.


Rebecca's top tip? "a massive tote so I have somewhere to keep my layers when I head indoors!"


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