New Year Fashion: Here’s What We’ll be Wearing in 2024

by Karly Rayner

A new year is always a time of wistful reinvention, and often we look to our wardrobes to put some spring in our step and get us through dreaded January. 


Thankfully, this no longer means embracing fast-fashion fad pieces and the majority of 2024’s hot looks hold longevity in mind and embrace timeless pieces which will slot seamlessly into your capsule wardrobe. 


Below is a roundup of some of the most versatile and classic looks we will all be wearing in 2024. 

Modern Peplum

Image credit: The Shirt Company

Just the word ‘peplum’ was enough to send shivers down any stylists spine until recently, but new structured tailoring techniques have allowed the ever-flattering peplum to rise from it’s ‘00s grave. 


The passé vision of a bejewelled peplum stumbling drunkenly out of a car attached to Lindsay Lohan has been transformed into a fit-and-flare season stealer seen in collections from Alexander McQueen, Richard Quinn, Harris Reed and Dior. 


Romance very much isn’t dead and fashion is shaping up to be smelling of roses and draped in delightful froofery (I made that word up, and I stand by it) in 2024. 


Bridgerton-core has proved it has staying power and romantic silhouettes of all shapes and sizes are here to stay in 2024. Think corsetry, puff sleeves, ruffles and frills for this versatile look which can veer from princess cosplay to polished evil queen eleganza. 


Image credit: The Shirt Company 


Image credit: The Shirt Company 

Pantone might have just announced Peach Fuzz as the colour of the year 2024, but the fashion Goddesses have declared that red will continue to blaze bright into the New Year. 


Shades of red from rich claret to Baywatch scarlet are both festive an on trend this year, so there’s no excuse not to make like a Christmas tree and bedeck yourself suitably for the work Christmas party. 

Crafty Texture 

Imagine a haberdashery exploded and all of the tactile fabrics draped themselves artfully over a mannequin. That's a crafty texture. 


While the recipe is far from exact (and that’s the point), think pom-poms, lace, beading, faux fur and anything you can’t resist running your fingers over in a shop thrown together for a delightfully boho look. 

Elevated Basics 

Image credit: The Shirt Company 

Here at the Shirt Company, we are all about beautifully-made staples which are far from basic and, fortuitously, so is 2024!


The “new year, new me” wardrobe vibes mean it’s time to recycle or donate those tired everyday items which have lost their pizazz and replace them with foundations that do you justice. 


According to Stitch Fix stylists, 88 percent of clients stated that this is the trend they are most likely to try in 2024, so you’ll be in good company. 

High Waisted Pants


Mercifully, high-waisted pants are here to stay in ‘24 and they are getting even more high rise. 


Jonathan Anderson at Loewe defined the season’s silhouette with trousers so high that they had their very own under-bust corset and this leg-lengthening style is so flattering.  



‘90s Revival 

I hate to break it to you, but the ‘90s are now a historic decade and we are, therefore, ancient.


On the plus side, there are some aspects of ‘90s fashion which are just delicious to play with. Think Princess Diana on The Crown, slinky red-carpet slip dresses and big boots. 


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