How to be a Brunch Goddess: A Guide to Making Mid-Morning Magic

by Karly Rayner

Ah, brunch. When breakfast collides with lunch and mimosas flow like sweet ambrosia. Transforming into a brunch goddess is an art form, curating a symphony of flavours and a delightful gathering of great company. Becoming the hostess with the mostess requires a recipe in its own right, and here’s your ultimate guide to creating a brunch extravaganza which will have everyone clamouring for your next invitation

1. Prepare the Perfect Table Settings 

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Setting the stage for a luxurious brunch is almost as important as the food. Whether you’re hosting a mid-morning garden party to make the cast of Bridgerton swoon or setting up a brunch bar in your dining room, a beautiful table is key to cementing your goddess status. 

Have fun choosing table cloths, place mats and napkins in calm neutrals, pretty pastels or bold contrasting colours. I love using charming plates and bowls sourced from charity shops and mixing and matching vibrant, patterned crockery to create a playful eclectic look. Oh, and don’t forget the fresh flowers.

A big gold cafetiere is one of my most prized brunch items for a steady flow of strong coffee, and you can’t go wrong with a statement teapot. 

2. The Main Event

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I’m sure we have all been to a bottomless brunch where the food was pretty low on our list of priorities, but a brunch goddess will put on a dazzling spread of inventive dishes for every palate. 

While there’s a place for the classics, a memorable brunch will mix things up a bit with some inventive twists. My go-to brunch inspiration is Anna Jones, who makes modern dishes which are crisp and simple. Think cherry, poppy-seed waffles, asparagus and greens frittata and harissa tray bake shakshuka

Of course, some shop-bought pastries and bread with fresh butter never go amiss, and you can’t beat the wholesome vibes of walking in the morning sunshine to handpick some artisan bakery bread from your local hotspot.  


3. Bottoms Up

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Smashing 10 glasses of discount prosecco and passing out with a banging headache at 2pm doesn’t exactly scream brunch goddess, but some sophisticated drink pairing really helps to make your special occasion sparkle. 

A jug cocktail is always a winner to keep your focus on your guests as opposed to being chained to a cocktail shaker and an English Garden Cocktail positively zings at this time of year. A self-serve mimosa bar is also a crowd pleaser with a few bottles of fizz, a selection of juices (mango and peach are my faves) and bowls of fresh berries. 

For sober guests and designated drivers, a mint, lime and ginger sparkler is a great choice to accompany the classic orange juice and coffee. 

4. Dress the Part 

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Dressing up is an essential part of throwing a get together as a brunch goddess. As much as I love the idea of being a vision in shining white cotton, we all know blenders, berries and a white canvas don’t mix! 

The relaxed silhouette of the Ozzy striped shirttail dress lends itself perfectly to drifting around in true brunch goddess comfort or, alternatively, the Provence-II linen dress looks incredible with an apron and a messy up-do.  


5. Enjoy Yourself! 

Hosting the perfect brunch is all about creating a warm, inviting atmosphere where great food and good company come together. With a bit of planning, a dash of creativity, and a lot of love, you can throw a brunch that will have your friends raving for weeks. Perhaps most importantly, the simplicity of brunch cooking and the more casual vibes mean that you can truly enjoy yourself as a host and bathe in the satisfaction of becoming a true brunch goddess. 


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