Chelsea Flower Show 2022: The Most Stylish Gardens and Guests in Full Bloom

by Karly Rayner

Dramatically blooming into its traditional spring-slot for the first time since 2019, this year’s Chelsea Flower Show celebrates sustainability, style and the promise of summer with colourful aplomb. 

Perhaps taking inspiration from the luscious abundance of greenery and painterly petals, the style standouts of 2022’s guests have been a celebration of plant power, both through fabric and design.

Meditations of fashion, fabric and sustainability have also made their way into show gardens themselves as more and more people question what goes into the garments we wear. 

Below is the Shirt Company roundup of our favourite styles, show gardens and the sustainable concepts which underpin them.


Fresh as a Daisy

We love this easy, breezy daisy look. Crying out to waft through a wildflower meadow and be topped with a flower crown, this warm-weather look is both understated and sophisticated.


Lovely in Linen

Actor Vicky Mcclure’s look offers a sophisticated take on horticultural chic. The muted woodland tones in sustainable linen show us there’s more to Chelsea Flower Show fashion than an abundance of florals.


Frilling Florals

Rich greens shine like jewels through this summer's signature colour palette and this frilly boho dream shows us why. Fresh, flirty and fun with a neckline to die for — we love it!


Bright as a Berry

It shouldn’t work, but this Hawaiian shirt, willow print plate hybrid from national treasure Mary Berry outshines the rose named in her honour.


Butterfly Kisses

Rewilding is a key theme of Chelsea Flower Show 2022 and I can’t help but daydream of butterflies while looking at the abstract extravaganza of Louise Gardiner’s playsuit. When your outfit is arguably more radiant than Joanna Lumley, you know you’ve nailed the brief.


Darling Buds of May

Carol Klein’s zingy green dress echoes the lively green potential of buds and shines with a suitable level of enthusiasm. 


Don't Treat Soil Like Dirt


It might be the ground beneath our feet and the stage on which the Chelsea Flower Show’s floral pageantry unfolds, but it's easy to forget how crucial humble soil is. 

The Blue Peter garden is an invitation to stop treating soil like dirt instead of overlooking the rich brown foundations of life.

The Garden's designer, Juliet Sargeant, told Gardening etc:

Down-trodden and neglected, soil is the "forgotten climate solution" beneath our feet. Healthy soils not only feed most of life on earth but also act as an essential carbon sink for damaging greenhouse gases. I have personal experience from Tanzania in East Africa of the devastating effects of soil degradation and so I grasped this opportunity to bring the message of the importance of soil to children’s attention.“


What's in my Clothes?

Learning what our clothes are actually made of helps us to become more conscious consumers, so naturally here at The Shirt Company, we love the 'Textile Garden for a Fashion Revolution.

All of the plants in Lottie Delamaine's garden are used to either make fabric or dyes or are the inspiration for common floral fashion motifs. 

As a bonus feature, all of the flax-spun garments in the image above were dyed with natural dyes. Nettles make the green colour, daffodils and dandelion create the yellow and madder and cherry bark make up the pink.

Delamaine's garden is aimed to inspire us to see the natural resources all around us, she explained to Vogue that:

“The garden was inspired by a trip trekking in the north of Vietnam, where I saw women going outside to make their clothes. It was really inspiring seeing what beautiful things they were creating out of such simple ingredients – they have just two plants, hemp and indigo – and the proximity that they had with what they were wearing.”


Cloud Gardening

Living in London really helps you gain an appreciation for the potential of small spaces (or bijou, as estate agents like to call them) and the Cloud Gardener's stunning balcony creation proves that you can grow way beyond the realm of sad pot plants with minimal space. 



Letting nature run wild and free is one of the most verdant themes of Chelsea Flower Show 2022. Rewilding allows gardens to be less cultivated and support more life — from bees to beavers. 

The tranquil gold medal winning garden above shows a rewilding landscape in South West England, after the reintroduction of a native, keystone species – the beaver.



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