Behind the Seams

Our commitment to providing our customers with the perfect garment means that we spend a great deal of time designing and perfecting our products. Designed in our East London studio, every style goes through our exhaustive process, considering each individual aspect of the design and ensuring that it is perfect for our customers.

We begin with in-depth research into fabrications and current trends that fill us with new ideas to develop shapes and silhouettes that we'd like our new designs to have. Using this base, we create hundreds of designs, experimenting with different techniques, styles, and finishes to see which of these developments truly embodies The Shirt Company brand.

Only the very best concepts are brought forward to be considered as a part of the new season's collection, with samples created to our specifications. Being able to see, feel and fit the sample allows us to see how it will develop - how the fabric behaves, how we can improve the concept, and above all - how it fill fulfill the expectation of our customers. Once we have fitted the shirt to our exacting standards and specifications, we begin production.