Embrace a More Mindful Kind of Freedom with Flexible Boho Fashion 

by Karly Rayner

With the UK’s roadmap to freedom on track, it’s almost time for us to unfurl into a springtime of increased possibilities — which will perhaps taste all the sweeter after months of restrictions. 

It feels like every woman and their dog are more philosophical about exactly what freedom really means after the enforced stillness of lockdown. While many of us have been working harder than we ever have before mentally, our physical outlets for escape have been constrained. 


Our Clemence Prarie Collar Victorian Boho Shirt 


For most of us, our flights of fantasy and escapism have become a lot more humble and aligned with our deepest values. Daydreams of impossibly turquoise Carribean waves have been shunted to one side by more modest human desires: A picnic in Hyde Park with loved ones, the prospect of wetting your toes in the unforgivingly freezing North sea, a cup of tea in an elderly relative’s back garden.  

During this shift, conversation between my friends and I has been buzzing with a fizzing excitement about one thing in particular; dressing up! 


The loose and flowy fit of our Elise blouse exudes springtime energy!


After almost a year of spending a large portion of my time cosplaying as a particularly laissez-faire dog walker, one of the things I am most excited about is donning an actual outfit to do an actual activity. Mentally matching shoes, shirts and sparkly accessories which will be seen has become a gleeful form of escapism, which will soon become reality. 

More than any other year, boho fashion sensibilities seem to embody the vibe of bursting into an intensified celebration of Spring. A greater gratitude for nature is in the air as outdoor activity takes centre stage, with floral prints and puff sleeves seeming more apt than ever. 


The 100% cotton embroidery of our Gwendoline shirt 


While slow fashion rejects the concept of trends, the big-picture of 2021 and beyond has soaked up our collective yearning for more freedom and rewarded us with a sense of flexible whimsy. 

According to The Guardian, ruffled shirts in a rainbow of pleasing pastel colours are a key look for spring, summer and beyond. In extension, you simply can’t go wrong with taking the ever-wearable white shirt and embroidering it with more whimsical accents in preparation for the sunshine. 

Pastel colours meet sleek gold details on our Aurelie blouse


For those of you who are, like me, longing for the perfect Spring dress, a floaty midi-length with full sleeves fits the bill. Wholesome and practical enough to work a picnic blanket, this season’s ideal dress is patterned enough to draw the eye, but also somewhat sedate. 2021 calls for us to reject over-the-top fast fashion fads which are too in your face to last and instead invites in show-stopping tailoring which pops with well-considered detail. Think artful tiers, statement high collars and grown-up frills. 


Spring wouldn’t be complete without our blossoming Aubrieta midi-dress


Whatever you choose to invest in this season, blossoming into a tentative new freedom is sure to put a much-needed spring in your step.


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