The Art of Dressing Up is Returning in a Big Way and the Roaring ‘20s 2.0 Are Just Around the Corner!
By Karly Rayner
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The Art of Dressing Up is Returning in a Big Way and the Roaring ‘20s 2.0 Are Just Around the Corner!

In the past year, the way that we dress has drastically changed. Without the conventional work day or social spaces, focus has shifted from versatile, day-to-night ensembles to outfit extremes. 

The alluring comfort of sweats, drawstring trousers and cosy knitwear has seen demand for ‘loungewear’ soar by 122% percent in the UK, but a craving for a bit of razzle dazzle has also led to many of us dressing up like it’s the met gala for a trip to big Tesco.


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While an idle flick through Instagram currently makes it seem like casual looks are the new mainstay, history indicates that an explosion of over the top glamour is forecast to brighten up our summer.

According to fashion historian, Raissa Bretaña, we are likely to be heading for the roaring ‘20s part 2 as we turn away from understated, roomy fits and leap excitedly into more dressy, tailored looks. Bretaña told Teen Vogue that:


“It is tempting to think that contemporary fashion will continue on its current trajectory of increasing casualness—that somehow athleisure will further devolve into something akin to pajama-like attire, after this prolonged period of ‘comfy’ clothing while in quarantine. However, I’d like to think that the post-pandemic aesthetic will shift in the opposite direction—that the widespread return to ‘outside’ clothing will inspire a renewed interest in getting dressed up”


The pendulum swinging from one fashion extreme to another makes total sense. As we prepare to re-emerge from our cocoons into bars, restaurants and general life, it’s only natural to want to look our best and greet old friends as our best butterfly selves!


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As we daydream about returning to galleries, concerts and theatres, decadent scenes from the Great Gatsby seem to be swimming into our collective imagination, which could be a response to the hard times we have been through. 

When questioned about dressing up post pandemic by The Guardian, some of the most iconic fashionistas and designers around revealed they are envisaging high heels and high glamour. Victoria Beckham imagines “a roaring-20s-style return to indulgence, in a great dress or a tuxedo, with a heel” whereas Alexa Chung spoke rhapsodically “endless parties,” and “eye-wateringly short bodycon dresses with “matching knickers — and high heels.”


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Shopping experts also predict the tide turning. While speaking to CNBC, Stacey Widlitz, president of SW Retail Advisors explained:


“You’re going to see an explosion of feel-good purchasing. The weather’s turning, and people are feeling positive about going out again — or even sitting in the park in a dress.”


So, if you’re feeling a bit bashful about the prospect of looking overdressed, all signs indicate it’s time to throw on a statement item and shimmy back into life as if you're stepping out of your very own makeover montage. 


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